Monday, January 30, 2012

XOXO - More Valentines Day Fun

I wanted to find something to do with the paper I had left over from my "Love" plaque project.  Thank you to The Hybrid Chick for the perfect solution!  Her design is simple, yet stylish.  Plus, it's going to help tie together our whole living room.

All you will need is 8 strips of double-sided paper, cut to 2 x 11", a 28" piece of ribbon, and some kind of adhesive.  I recently bought a new glue gun - so I use it for everything I can!!

Once you have your pieces of paper lined up in the order you want them, fold them in half like this:
Next you want to fold the ends inward so that the outer edges are touching.  This should form a heart shape - but you may need to bend it a little to get the shape you want.  Using the hot glue gun, I found that the easiest way to glue the edges together is to hold them in place and place the glue in between, otherwise the glue would cool and dry too much before I was able to attach the other edge.
Once you have 8 hearts, start attaching them into pairs.  You want to attach them at about the same distance down as the center point of the heart.  This will give you 4 pairs of hearts.  Glue two sets together, and then the other two.  Now you need to decide which half is going to be the top of your wreath, and attach your ribbon to the other edges of that half.
Finally, attach the two halves and you will have a complete wreath!
I still had some paper left over.  So I decided to try making a smaller wreath, also.  I ended up making two, so that I could hang one on each side of the bigger wreath.  For these, I used 1 x 5 1/2" strips of paper, and a 15 1/2" piece of ribbon.  They WERE a little bit harder to make because the smaller pieces of paper were harder to work with.  But they were worth it in my book!

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