Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doing some revamping (part 3)

Finally: the last part of this little mini-series!  I have been trying to juggle this and my other blog I recently started, in addition to all of the other tasks that come up throughout the day.  My Mind's Lens focuses on my recent ventures into photography.  I am hoping to showcase some of my work, as well as hopefully provide some tips, suggestions, and inspiration.

To complete my most recent mantel, I revamped a cheap vase I had in the closet.  I have a tendency of picking up vases at the Dollar Store or Ikea.  The result - a variety of vases filling my storage closet, half of which are very similar or even identical.  So I decided to use one of the vases that I had doubles of and give it a little facelift!

All you need for this project is a vase, some jute and a hot glue gun.  The jute I used was the natural colored 0.45 lb weight.  You can use various colors or weights to create your own style.

This was a little bit time consuming, but really easy and the end result was well worth it.  It is the type of thing that you can sit down with a glass of wine, turn on a movie, and your hands kind of fine their way while you relax!

I started at the bottom of the vase with a dot of hot glue.  After attaching the end of the jute, I wrapped it around the vase, making sure to keep it tight as I wrapped it around, as well as keeping each new loop around the vase as close to the lower one as possible.  You want to cover as much of the vase as possible.

For the most part, this really doesn't take much glue.  I would use a dot of hot glue just every so often - maybe every 5-10 rows.  Once you get to the top, just tuck the end a little bit and use a final dab of glue.  Here is the end result:
To finish it off, I tossed a fabric flower in the vase.  It really pulled everything together!

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