Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Mantel

It is officially the first day of fall.  Recently, I've figured out that I enjoy the fall season more than I realized.  I have always considered myself to be a "summer girl".  But in the last couple of weeks, I noticed the beauty of the leaves beginning to drop from the trees, got excited when the pumpkins showed up at the grocery store, and started looking up warm comforting recipes for upcoming dinners.

Not only that - but I have redecorated our house a little early in anticipation of this cozy time of year.  Earlier this week, I picked up a few mini pumpkins from the store, as well as some supplies to create a fun, simple fall wreath.

Also featured on my mantel are the treat dishes that I posted about earlier this week (you can find the tutorial here).

The wreath was super easy to assemble.  I traced out the letters, pasted them to the green background, and pasted that to the leaf-designed squares.  I also used my hot glue gun to attach leaves to the wreath, and tied a piece of twine from one side to the other.  Using some mini clothespins that I had, I hung the letters across the center of the wreath - and was done.  The longest part of this project was cutting out the letters (if you have a Cricut, I envy you!!).

The picture above features just some random pieces that I have accumulated.  I wrote about the twine-covered vase awhile back (another easy repurposing project!).

I didn't really intend on putting out ALL of my decorations the other night.  But it just kind of exploded and everything I had made its way out to the shelves, tables and walls!

I'm off to go curl up under a warm blanket on the couch to watch some movies with my best friend!  I suggest you relish in this season as well!!

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